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Thrall 65' Bulkhead Flatcar

This freeware package brings you the model of a Thrall 65' bulkhead flatcar, ready to run on your Train Sim 2013 tracks. The car comes in five versions: empty, log rack (loaded and empty), and with two packaged timber loads.

The loads are not interactive any more, you will not be able to load or unload the cars in a scenario. However, the upside to the loss of the interactive loading feature is that the cars now have more realistic car weight and braking physics settings.

This is an updated version of the previously released model of this car, it has better looking textures, new trucks, and improved physics. I recommend uninstalling the old version before installing this new model.

System Requirements:
You must have installed Train Simulator 2013 and the Sherman Hill route, which is required for the car's sounds.

Download the model

See the Readme PDF document

1. Download the .RWP file and save it in a secure place on your hard disk just in case you might have to reinstall the cars at a later time.
2. Launch the Utilities ("utilities.exe", found in your main Railworks directory) and select the Package Manager.
3. Click the Install button, browse to the file from step one, click Open. The package will be installed now, after which you can already run your new cars in the game!
4. To be able to place the cars in a scenario, you will first have to enable the object filter (lefthand mid flyout window, button that shows a blue cube with an orange triangle) for developer "GreatNortherner", product "GNRy". Also enable developer "RSC", product "ShermanHill", or the cars won't have any sounds.
5. The cars will show up in the asset browser in the game listed as "Bulkh Flatcar BN..."

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