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Ortner 65' Mill Gondola

This freeware pack includes a model of an Ortner 65' Mill Gondola. It comes as an empty car and loaded with steel coils and long logs. This model is a slightly simplified version of the actual prototype, most importantly the drop ends are missing from this model.

The model has been designed with easy repainting in mind. A layered repaint texture kit in Photoshop format is available upon request, please email me if you would like to have the texture kit.

This is an updated version of the previously released model of this car and will replace the old version in your game. I recommend uninstalling the old version before installing this new model.


Download the Shared Files
The Shared Files are required to run any of the repaints below, but need to be installed only once.

See the Readme PDF document

Download the Burlington Northern repaint

A model in Burlington Northern's green paint scheme.

Download the Great Northern repaint

A car in Great Northern's freight car brown paint scheme.

Download the Northern Pacific Repaint

A gondola in Northern Pacific's black paint scheme.

Download the Frisco Pack

A pack of two models in Frisco (SL&SF) colors.

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