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Wooden Side Truss-Rod Frame Gondolas

Two freelanced models of late 19th / early 20th century 30ft and 40ft gondolas with wooden sides, running on a truss-rod frame and archbar trucks. While the model is of a generic / freelanced type, it has been built with great attention to prototypical detailing and is based on prototypical data of similar cars.

The model comes painted in one brown color, slightly weathered, and is fictionally lettered for the NP Railway. Each car comes with four different loads: coal, gravel, sand, and lumber. The cars can be (un-)loaded at any "bulk freight" type cargo transfer points, like for example the default coal (un-)loader.

Repainters please note: repaint templates, in layered Photoshop of Paint Shop Pro formats, are available upon request. Just send me an email if you are interested in getting them.

This is an updated standalone version of the previously released model of this car and will replace the old version in your game. This update is from August 2013. I recommend uninstalling the old version before installing this new model.

Download the model
Please Note: This download includes the Freight Car Sounds Update for the SteamEra Assets!

See the Readme PDF document

1. Download the .RWP file and save it in a secure place on your hard disk just in case you might have to reinstall the cars at a later time.
2. Launch the Utilities ("utilities.exe", found in your main Railworks directory) and select the Package Manager.
3. Click the Install button, browse to the file from step one, click Open. The package will be installed now, after which you can already run your new cars in the game!
4. To be able to place the cars in a scenario, you will first have to enable the object filter (lefthand mid flyout window, button that shows a blue cube with an orange triangle) for developer "GreatNortherner", product "SteamEra". Also enable developer "Kuju", product "RailSimulatorUS", or the cars won't have any sounds.
5. The cars will show up in the asset browser in the game listed as "Gondola [Length] [Cargo]..."

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