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40ft Flatcars v4

This is a freelanced model of a classic steam-era 40ft flatcar. It is available in three versions: a standard frame car with friction bearing trucks, a heavy-duty car with tapered sides and frictin bearing trucks, and an old truss-rod frame car with archbar trucks. Each car is available in three paint schemes and with several cargo objects.

This is an updated standalone version of the previously released model of this car and will replace the old version in your game. This update (version 4) is from August 2013. I recommend uninstalling the old version before installing this new model.


Please Note: These download include the Freight Car Sounds Update for the Allegheny Assets!
Click here to download the GN version.

Click here to download the NH version.

Click here to download the D&RGW version.

See the Readme PDF file for all three packs.

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