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PS-1 50ft Boxcar Pack and Repaint Kit

This is a vastly improved and updated version of my old PS-1 50ft Boxcars pack. It includes the car in four main body configurations and four seperate door parts.

Please note: while you can use these cars as-is in the game, this add-on is really intended as a template and base model for repainters. The cars in this add-on are unlettered.

I recommend uninstalling the old version before installing this new model, but please know that this may break old scenarios if the old kit cars (the unlettered ones, not any repaints) have been used in those scenarios.

Please note that the repaint template texture has also been improved. The mapping is generally the same, but you may still want to check if you can't use some of the new stuff from the updated template on your existing repainted textures.

Downloads / Repaint Kit:



The repaint template textures are available upon request. Please send me an email.

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