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Erie Class C-100 and C-170 ("Dunmore") Caboose Pack

Custom built models (kitbashed from other caboose models), representing the fleet of Erie cabooses in the C-100 and C-170 series. Those cars were built by the Erie in their Dunmore shops in two batches in the 1940s. The first batch, cars 100 to 169, had riveted bodies and comfortably riding trucks with coil springs. The second batch, built after the Second World War, had welded car bodies and used converted freight car trucks with leaf springs.

I have attempted to model the entire fleet of Dunmore cabooses and in a variety of liveries from their life on the Erie and Erie-Lackwanna.

Included Liveries:

- ERIE (as delivered)
- early EL red livery with radio marking
- simplified EL red livery without radio marking
- the minimalistic late EL red livery
- and the maroon-and-grey final livery (before Conrail took over)

Erie Dunmore Cabooses Pack

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