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NP 40' Icebox Reefer

This is a model of a Northern Pacific 40ft icebox reefer, originally built in 3DCrafter for RailSimulator.com's RailWorks game. The model comes ready to run in one paint version, with open or closed ice hatches, and each car can be run empty or loaded.

System Requirements:
This model has been designed for Open Rails Train Simulator, however it should work fine in Microsoft Train Simulator too (MSTS-Bin Patch strongly recommended).

Download the model

See the Readme PDF document

1. Extract the ZIP file to your Train Simulator\TRAINS\Trainset folder
2. A new folder, called "GA Reefer-40ft NP" will be created
3. Use RouteRiter or the MSTS Activity Editor to include the cars in your consist(s)
4. The cars are named: "Reefer 40ft NP [cls/open] [mt/ld]"
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