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Ortner 65' Mill Gondola

This is a model of an Ortner Mill Gondola with drop ends. The models comes ready to run in two paint versions, Great Northern and Northern Pacific, each car has three configurations: empty, coil load, logs load.

System Requirements:
This model has been designed for Open Rails Train Simulator, however it should work fine in Microsoft Train Simulator too (MSTS-Bin Patch strongly recommended).

Download the model

See the Readme PDF document

1. Extract the ZIP file to your Train Simulator\TRAINS\Trainset folder
2. A new folder, called "GA 65ft MillGon GN" will be created
3. Use RouteRiter or the MSTS Activity Editor to include the cars in your consist(s)
4. The cars are named: "GA Gondola 65ft [GN/NP] [cargo]"
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