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Modern Freight Pack 1

The Modern Freight Pack 1 brings two highly detailed new freight cars onto your MSTS or Open Rails tracks: a GATX 50' airslide hopper and an NSC 50' Combo-Door boxcar. With two different paint versions for the hopper and three for the boxcar, you get a total of five different models to run.

The cars have been lettered for a fictional railroad company ("GA"). A repaint kit (layered PSD files) is available upon request, please write me an email if you would like to know more.

Includes Custom Freight Car Sounds by Rick Grout / G-Trax Simulations.

Modern US Freight Megapack


System Requirements:

This model has been designed to run in Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS-Bin Patch recommended) and has also been tested in Open Rails Train Simulator, version 0.8. As it has a high polycount (over 10,000 in the near LOD) and uses large textures, it requires a fairly modern PC to work properly. Aggressive distant LODs are included in the model.


1. Extract the ZIP file to your Train Simulator\TRAINS\Trainset folder 2. A new folder, called "GA_ModernFreight1" will be created 3. Use RouteRiter or the Activity Editor to include the cars in your consist(s) 4. The cars are named: "GA Airslide Hopper" and "GA Boxcar NSC Combo-Door"
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