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B&M Pack 1: 100t Hoppers

The B&M Pack 1 offers you two highly detailed 100t Hoppers, a coal car and a ballast car, for MSTS or Open Rails. Each car comes in three different states of weathering, from quite clean to moderately dirty, each of which is available as loaded and empty car. So all in all that makes twelve different cars to choose from, each of course with its own unique number.

A repaint kit (layered PSD file) is available upon request, please write me an email if you would like to know more.

Includes Custom Freight Car Sounds by Rick Grout / G-Trax Simulations.

B&M Pack 1: 100t Hoppers


System Requirements:

This model has been designed to run in Microsoft Train Simulator (MSTS-Bin Patch recommended) and has also been tested in Open Rails Train Simulator, version 0.8. As it has a high polycount (over 10,000 in the near LOD) and uses large textures, it requires a fairly modern PC to work properly. A processor with at least 2GHz, preferrably more, is strongly recommended.


1. Extract the ZIP file to your Train Simulator\TRAINS\Trainset folder 2. A new folder, called "GA_BM-Pack1" will be created 3. Use RouteRiter or the Activity Editor to include the cars in your consist(s) 4. The cars are named: "GA 100t Hopper BM...", where cars BM-1 to 3 are the coal cars, and 4 to 6 the ballast hoppers.
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