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CKD Tatra T3 Tram, Public Alpha

Czech Tram Classic

The T3 is a highly successful tram model, built by Czech engineering company CKD. More than 14,000 power cars and trailers were sold starting in 1960, production lasting well into the 1990s. The T3 trams are of a sturdy and reliable construction, serving public transport companies in several countries from the former East Bloc, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Germany, the Ukraine, and Romania.

The model provided in this Train Sim 2014 add-on is an unfinished alpha version of the tram. The model is ready to run and can be used just as any other rail vehicle in your Train Sim 2014, but please keep in mind that the model is still incomplete in several areas.


Click here to download the RWP Package.

See the Readme PDF file.


1. Download the .RWP file and save it in a secure place on your hard disk just in case you might have to reinstall the trams at a later time.
2. Launch the Utilities ("utilities.exe", found in your main Railworks directory) and select the Package Manager.
3. Click the Install button, browse to the file from step one, click Open. The package will be installed now, after which you can already run your new engines in the game!
4. To be able to place the engines in a scenario, you will first have to enable the object filter (lefthand mid flyout window, button that shows a blue cube with an orange triangle) for developer "GreatNortherner", product "Tramways".

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