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GN Rolling Stock Pack

This is a combined re-release of several previously models, packaged into one single package specially designed to be used in the Great Northern themed scenarios on this website and those created by Trains and Drivers.

This pack is stand-alone and does not require the installation of any other files or packages to run the included cars.

You do not need to install this add-on if you have already installed the included models seperately. No updates or changes to the models have been done, this is only a repackaged installer.

Cars Included in this Add-On:

* 40' Flatcars, Great Northern version only
* Ore Hopper, GN, BN, MILW, NP paint schemes
* Ortner 65' Mill Gondola, Great Northern version only
* PS-1 Boxcars, Great Northern versions only


Please click here to download the GN Rolling Stock Pack.
Standalone Installer, does not require installation of any other package.

Please click here for the Readme PDF document.
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