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EMD SD7, phase-1

Great Northern

This pack offers you a scratch-built model of a phase-1 EMD SD7 in the specifications of the Great Northern Railway, running long hood forward. The bell is mounted on top of the long hood, two single horns are placed on the hoods on each side of the cab. It has standard twin headlights and mars lights.

All four paint schemes which this engine carried under the GN banner are included:
- early Empire Builder paint scheme with solid white stripe on the frame sides, as-delivered model with standard cab windows, no winterization hatch
- Empire Builder paint scheme with dashed white stripe, bay windows and winterization hatch added
- Simplified paint scheme of the 1960s
- Big Sky Blue paint scheme of the late 1960s

This model features custom couplers, dynamic numbers (real roster numbers), light and cab window rain effects, animated wipers, roof fans and cab controls. This is an updated re-release of this engine, with more detail work, bug fixes and tweaks to the blueprints.

This update would not have been possible without the help and advice from Dan Vystrcil and Micheal Calvin of Virtual Rail Creations, thanks very kindly! The fantastic new animated roof fans were also created by Dan.

The engine comes ready to run with its physics and simulation parameters based on the default F7, so it will perform similar to it. Engine exhaust and sounds are also aliased to the default F7. Please note that due to these aliased components, you must own the US Loco & Assets Pack: http://store.steampowered.com/app/208306/, which most users will already have. See below for more details.

Update Note: This engine has been updated to version 2.1 on May 30, 2014. Users who downloaded the engines before that date can download and install a small patch file. The update consists of a small tweak to the blueprints that allows the engines to be used without having to switch on the Kuju\RailsimulatorUS assets in the scenario editor (the US Loco & Assets Pack is still required!) This neat workaround has been brought to my attention by Dave Dewhurst — thanks very kindly!

Simple QuickDrive consists have been included with the engines.


Please click here to download the EMD SD7 Great Northern Pack.
RWP Package, requires US Loco and Assets Pack.

Click here to download a Braking Physics Update. Install this if you find the brakes not responsive enough.

Please click here for the Readme PDF document.

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